$5,000+ Referral Fees PAID TO YOU at Closing

Help Us, Help Them

Sometimes a quick walk around your neighborhood or the right conversation with the right person at the right time can create an opportunity for YOU to make a very generous referral, help THEM get out of a sucky situation, and help US acquire a new project.

That’s a WIN – WIN – WIN!

The EKJ mission since day 1 has been to help homeowners find creative solutions to difficult situations. EKJ is here to help you or your loved one sell an unwanted property for CASH and in it’s current as-is condition. No Listing, No Realtors, No Commissions, No HASSLE!

Find below some of the more common situations where we (and you too now) are able to help people sell their property fast

  • Recently Inherited a Home
  • Facing Foreclosure
  • Tenant Problems
  • Costly Repairs Needed Without the Time or Resources to Fulfill
  • Divorce and/or Relocation
  • Lost Your Job?
  • Retirement
  • Need to Quickly Liquidate Assets
  • Unexpected Medical Bills or Legal Fees

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