5 Tips for Siblings Dealing With Inherited Property in New Jersey

Have you inherited property in New Jersey? Sadly, without proper forethought, you may suddenly face life without your parents, who have left their property to all of their children without a plan in place, which can be quite a chaotic experience. Dealing with a sudden whirlwind of paperwork and details during such an emotionally difficult … Continued

How To Price Your Inherited Home In New Jersey For Sale

If you’ve inherited a property and you’re planning to sell it, make sure you read this blog post for 3 tips about how to price your inherited home in New Jersey for sale… Did you inherit a property that you’re now thinking about selling? While an inherited property can be a wonderful gift from a … Continued

5 Things to do Immediately After Inheriting a House in New Jersey

Dealing with the loss of a beloved family member or very close friend is a stressful time that can become even more complicated by suddenly finding yourself immersed in dealing with an inheritance. It may be challenging to focus, so we have outlined five things to do immediately after inheriting a house in New Jersey … Continued

Tax consequences when selling a house I inherited in New Jersey

For many, inheriting a home can be a walking paradox to experience: overnight, you are left with property of sizable value you can use to improve your life while still also processing and mourning the loss of a loved one. For those who are pondering the next best move to make in this situation, understanding … Continued

How to Sell An Inherited House in New Jersey With Many Heirs Involved

Despite what at times can be an overwhelming life experience, selling an inherited house in New Jersey with multiple heirs involved doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. For most heirs, selling a close family member’s real estate after death is challenging and emotional due to losing that close relationship in addition to … Continued

How To Avoid Probate Court In New Jersey

Dealing with probate can be a long and frustrating process. In our latest post, learn how to avoid probate court in New Jersey! Nobody wants to have to go through the probate process, especially if they plan to sell the inherited property once their loved ones have passed. By planning ahead, people are able to … Continued

Is There A Holding Period Before Selling My Inherited Home? – 07075

Ah, the tangled web of inherited property – it’s a labyrinthine journey filled with questions, uncertainties, and, of course, opportunities. Today, we’re diving headfirst into one of the most pressing inquiries: “Is there a holding period before selling my inherited home?” Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a thorough exploration. First things first, … Continued
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